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Born and raised on the mean streets of Westwijk Lommel, Hakimm aka Kifesh, aka Chief Kifesh aka so many aka’s started his musical journey when he was young, he doesn’t remember at what age. But one day he was slapped by his dad. It was at this moment that Hakimm knew he wanted to be part of 'The Scene'.

He did various pre-opening warm up sets in clubs but now that he thinks about it, those doors never actually opened. The club was closed at that moment. He did however play at several venues hosting major names such as... (well, he doesn’t remember that either but just imagine some major names), and many more.

In 2011, he took a step back from DJ’ing to look for a real job (like his dad told him to) So he went looking for a good and decent job that pays well and where you can build a successful career in the world of (social)media. Lol.

After receiving zero offers, Hakimm released zero tracks, joined zero labels who helped distribute zero releases.

Hakimm still asks his dad for advice, and still gets slapped ‘cause of stupid questions. So, he went to is mom... And got slapped harder for snitching on his dad.

Hakimm aka Kifesh, aka Chief Kifesh aka so many aka’s is a fighter and has been enjoying life since 1989. He has 6 haters and always tries to make a cool vibe while perfecting his craft.


Verdwalend tussen de imposante platencollectie van zijn vader was het een zekerheid dat deze born and raised Limburger met Marokkaanse roots ooit ook zélf de crowd aan het dansen zou krijgen. Achter de schermen: een coördinator van verschillende muziek, tv en radio events. Achter de decks: een energieke bos opverende krullen en een onuitputtelijk arsenaal aan bangers. Van old school, over dancehall en Nederlandstalige hiphop, tot de nieuwste trap en trill, Hakim krijgt ze verleidelijk aan het bouncen.

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